Write for Us

First, to save us some time, I will decline promotional posts, posts written to get a link for SEO, and free content from article providers.

When you send me your idea, tell me about your blog, audience, and how you will help promote your post. I expect you will support your work by promoting it (linking to it) and responding to comments if you want me to publish it.

I publish only a few guest posts every year, so I want them to be very well-written and a good fit. I prefer guest posts that are written by bloggers who write for their own blog audience in a friendly way.

Guest Posting Style Guide

I am more interested in posts that include your firsthand experience, not generic tips. I want the practical tips that you share in your post to be based on what you have learned and works for you.

Articles related to parenting, family, and healthy living are most popular. Other topics include personal finance, natural living and gardening.

I love creating a discussion that happens after the post in the comments. Finish your post with a question or discussion prompt, and I encourage you to respond to questions and comments.

How to Submit Your Guest Post

  • Posts are usually 400-600 words.
  • Include at least one pretty photo for the beginning of the post. Photos must be original or legal to use. The maximum width for photos is 500 pixels.
  • Shorter paragraphs are easier to read.
  • Lists and bullet points are visually appealing and help focus your writing.
  • Use subheadings where appropriate.
  • End your article with a brief author’s bio that links to your blog. Also include a small (about 100 x 100 pixels) photo or image that represents you.
  • I may edit your article for grammar,
 readability, and sometimes for tone. I might change the title or shorten a paragraph. I want to make your guest post as successful as I can.

Reasons I might choose not to publish your article:

  • If the topic is not related to parenting, kids or family life.
  • If the topic has been fully covered recently.
  • If the article requires more editing or emailing than I have time to do.
  • If the article is promotional for a product, service or website, or if it was submitted to get an SEO link.
  • If it has been published elsewhere – it must be unique!

I am not able to think of a topic for you. You are welcome to send me an idea for a guest post before you write it, but I will not promise to publish an article I have not seen. If I decide not to use your guest post, I will try to let you know so that you can publish it on your own blog or submit it to someone else.

Questions? Email me anytime. I know the time and care that it takes to write a good guest post, and I appreciate your sharing your writing with MomMe Time readers.