Thought for the Day

Posted on 01/Nov/2011

“Pleasant surprises are sometimes born from being wrong.”
-William C. Moyers

I’m not sure to what extent hopelessness replaced hope, but I know I did not want for anything, and it wasn’t about the materialistic. I did not want out of fear of being disappointed. I grew so disappointed in life, those who surrounded me and even myself that I found fault in everything and everyone… I was miserable.
Searching bottles for answers and oblivion for relief…
I over worked in hopes of escaping…

I primped and pampered thinking if I made pretty on the outside, all would be better…

I looked to others to make me happy, give me peace, whatever…

I had to always be right… failing at perfect.

No matter where I went there I was…

I was alone… at least I was right.

Yet, I could not escape… me!

People got out-of-the-way… leaving me to my own devices.

I sought refuge in the darkness, but could not escape… no matter where I went there I was.

I hit MY bottom.

In searching for relief… I found release.

I am so incredibly grateful that today when darkness, sadness, impending doom or whatever other life thing that may come my way… I know that this too shall pass. I am grateful for the power of choice!
I thought for years that I had to always be right; I spent a lot of energy on being right and perfect and unhappy. I lived crazy for many years; don’t get me wrong, I still rock the crazy… and peace and hope and comfort in my skin. I don’t spend much effort or energy on being right or perfect; of course I have my moments… I’m just pickier about the battles I choose.
Today, I believe that anything is possible when I search, listen with an open mind and heart, and take care of myself; mentally, physically and spiritually.
So, how about you, have you ever benefited from being wrong? How valuable is being right to you? I was in my mid to late 30′s before discovering the cost of fighting to be right, sometimes, is higher than its worth. How do you choose your battles?