The Half Eaten Peach

“If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing nothing for nobody.” Malcom Bane

The Half Eaten Peach

The Half Eaten Peach
Mom Daughter, mommetime blog, relationshipsA COUPLE YEARS ago, I told my oldest, who is now 8, and it was only ONCE, and once was enough; that wasting food isn’t good because of all the starving children in Africa; I could hear my MOTHER coming out of my mouth as the words left…. and then one morning she saw a starving kid commercial, with what I told her, now matched with a visual, she took it to heart, so now she will not waste food, she worries about kids being hungry, so she’ll take small portions, and then go back for 2nds if she wants more, which, is a really good habit, right?! Right! Well, not always, especially when she gets crazy with that madness… she just walked up to me, sick, runny nose, a Kleenex in one hand and a half eaten peach in the other, “Mom….”

Me: “yeah, kiddo…”
Her: “I can’t eat any more of this peach, I ate as much of it as I could eat, but I’m not feeling good, will you eat the rest of if for me, please?”
Gah! Did she really have to add please… Oh how I love that kid, and as yummy as that peach once looked; UM NO!
I guess the apples doesn’t fall far from the tree; I cannot stand the thought of someone going hungry… it is probably one area that I remain most consistent in giving, and hungry people find me.

I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions, when I got there I found out that they had compounding issues of some kind, and compounded it incorrectly, so the pharmacist had to send off for some more stuff, to do some more stuff, and blah, blah, blah… it was a mess, so I left, which, meant I’d have to go back later in the evening… oh YAY.
Do you believe some things HAPPEN for a reason, we can’t see the big picture, even if, or especially when it causes an inconvenience, or otherwise known as a pain in da bum?
So, several hours pass, I get a phone call from the pharmacist, who informs me the medicine is ready for pick-up, I go back, I’m in the parking lot, and this woman approaches me, she tells me a sad story, that follows with “I need a couple of dollars!” I don’t say anything, I make eye contact, and motion for her to walk with me towards the store, she continues telling me her story, I ain’t gonna lie, I am an x-drunk, so I am somewhat desensitized to hearing ‘sad’ stories while standing in  a parking lot of an establishment that also houses booze, but I don’t give a rats ass about the pro’s and con’s of helping if the words I’m hungry roll from their lips, if I’ve got a buck in my pocket I’ll feed ‘em.
And then boom, she said the magic words, “but, I’m hungry.”
So, I tell her, “Come on, you are coming with me…” I march her into the grocery store, let her pick out a hot plate of food, an *orange juice and a *candy bar (*helps regulate blood sugars, which, in turn helps if drunk is the issue).
We finish at the cash register, she thanked me profusely, like a million times, I said good-bye and then walked towards the pharmacy, and that is when I realized I just spent cash I was going to use to buy the medicine, I did not have enough cash, I mumbled fuck, that meant I was going to have to use my credit card.
I make my way over to the pharmacy section, and the kid behind the counter says, can you wait just a second there is a note on your prescription the pharmacist wants to see you…., so I wait.
The pharmacist finally finishes up what he’s doing and comes over and apologizes for all the problems… “it was just the one prescription, and now it’s compounded correctly, but because of the inconvenience, we are not going to charge you for any of the prescriptions, we here at Kroger want you to know how much we appreciate you.”
Can you believe it? No CHARGE. Not one penny. I had prescriptions totaling a lot more than what I spent on food for that woman… the prescriptions weren’t for me, they were for my sweet daughter whose heart hurts at the thought of someone going hungry.
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