Comic Strip Mama |Stairway to AWESOMENESS

Excerpt: “My Comic Strip Mama venture all started with the simple notion that I was determined to encourage others to focus the positive and the humor while struggling through the insanity and challenges of life and parenthood instead of taking it way too seriously. And I’m thrilled that....”

Comic Strip Mama |Stairway to AWESOMENESS

Comic Strip Mama |Stairway to AWESOMENESS
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’bout to sip from my favorite coffee mug…

I have the privilege of having my friend Tanya, a fellow Mom of many trades, who is very talented, inspiring and funny, and also happens that she is the creator of Comic Strip Mama… a cartoonist and a writer who recently had her first book release –hang out here on my blog today. Yay.

I first met Tanya through her awesome and incredibly fabulous Facebook Page, Comic Strip Mama; I ain’t gonna lie –I totally crush over her comics –funny, real, inspiring. Not to mention, I’m oh so very grateful for all the support she has shown me. So to top off all that madness of awesomeness she is supportive and thoughtful. I wish her tons and tons of life successes and awesome.

I welcome her to my little corner of the blogosphere.

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Comic Strip Mama

Q: What’s inside the mind of Comic Strip Mama the author?

A:  Life is HARD and it isn’t always fair. And sometimes, life is downright insane! I have experienced many of life’s seemingly insurmountable blows and for many years I struggled and lived a dark, disturbing, depressing, miserable and reckless existence as a result. Eventually, I discovered why I was struggling so much. That is when I changed my way of thinking and being and reinvented myself into the person that I am today…a strong, happy and positive person and parent who strives to achieve “awesomeness” every day, in every way!

In January of 2012, I embarked on a comic and writing hobby journey that eventually turned into a self-syndicated web comic and writing business, Comic Strip Mama Enterprises Inc.. Since, I have been “stripping away” the insanity of life and parenthood in an effort to make people realize that life is better when you’re laughing and not taking it SO seriously! Ultimately, my mission as a person, a parent, a cartoonist, an author and an entrepreneur is to encourage and inspire others to embrace the insanity, focus on the positive, recognize the blessings and find the humor in life. I feel like I am obligated to share how I have learned to live this way as my positive contribution to the world. I do this by providing a daily dose of humor and inspiration to my readers through the power of social media and I hope that my book will reach and teach millions more worldwide!

Q: Tell us why readers should buy Stairway to Awesomeness.

A: Stairway to Awesomeness is not your average self-improvement book. It is the ultimate self-improvement book that goes against the grain of many self-help/self-improvement books out there. I take my readers on my very real tragedy-to-triumph life journey and explain HOW and WHY I changed my way of thinking about many things that so many of us are conditioned to believe. The 30 fundamental steps that I write and illustrate about are tried-and-true and life changing and I prove that achieving a life of awesomeness IS possible. There is also a very unique and humorous comic twist throughout the book that will make you smile as you make your own climb to awesomeness!

Q: What makes a good self-improvement book?

A: An awesome self-improvement book should educate, inspire and motivate the reader to WANT to change and improve their life for the better. But most importantly, it should give the reader a sense of confidence that they can realistically achieve positive results.

Q: What is a regular writing day like for you?

A: If I’m meeting a deadline or have a goal in mind, I write with focus and intention. Otherwise, I write and illustrate about thoughts and experiences that effortlessly enter my scatterbrain mind and I usually have more than one writing projects on the go! I also use a smartphone app for my comic and writing ideas on the go!

Q: What do you find most rewarding about being an author?

A: The fact that I am able to reach, entertain, educate, encourage and inspire millions of people to be awesome!

Q: How did you celebrate the completion of your book?

A: I celebrated the completion of my book the same way that I celebrate any awesome milestone in life. I let out a big “Wooo Hooo!” with a fist pump, spent some quality time with my special ones, expressed my gratitude for everything awesome in my life and enjoyed a glass of wine… or two. ;)

Comic Strip Mama, Book release,  Self help

Stairway to Awesomeness

I am not opening up my blog today to do a ‘book review’, you’ll have to get the book and do that for yourself; I am doing this because I think you will benefit greatly from hearing what Tanya has to say… she has an inspirational story to tell; filled with humor and hope, and she named it Stairway to AWESOMENESS.

I bought the paperback version because YAY paper… I am the hold a book flip the pages kind of gal. If you have a Kindle, you are in luck because it is also available on Kindle, so whatever your reading preference you can click on over, and then do your buying thing, and then boom it is all yours.

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A great big THANK YOU to you for stopping by… and a great big THANK YOU to you Tanya for sharing a bit of your awesomeness with us.



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