But Mom…

And thank you for a house full of people I love. Amen. ~Terri Guillemets

But Mom…

But Mom…
We have a family business…
Our kids are home-schooled…

I hope I don’t come across sounding Too much like an ungrateful bitty, but sometimes owning a business sucks! Even with employees, you are it. you don’t accrue sick days, and since the only person to call is self there is no one to call, and vacation or days off, well forget about it, you go weeks, even months without a day off, and years without a vacation and then there is tax season –oh, giddy, gah. Sigh.
the strain it puts on a relationship, at times, is heavy. I am incredibly surprised that The Sailor and I have managed to get through nine years of having a business together and tax seasons or is it ten?! hmm, I’ve lost count, anyway; I haven’t buried him in the backyard… not even once. But, our relationship is strained; We’ve had some difficult times of late.
there aren’t too many Downsides to home-schooling, well maybe a few. I love it; most days… some of the days.
I know, I know, I sound ungrateful… that is about to change, soon. I promise. It is Freedom of choice, baby… freedom of choice.

There are days when owning a business rocks; you’ve worked your bum off to make it successful, pay the bills, feed the family, and then that realization we can home-school anywhere on the planet because the day comes when your little one looks at her Dad and says,
“Daddy lets go to Disney World.”
And, it just so happens that we have someone, at the moment, who can cover that family business, and those stars align properly, and he looks at you and says,
“What do you think?”
And you say,
“No way –it is too expensive, the kids have all these things to do, and there is that thing that has to be done and you have things to do!”
And he says, “Let’s just do it.” And crazily reluctantly full of um’s and oh no’s followed by maybe, and then you loudly, gleefully blurt out to your little ones,
“Pack your bags we are going to Disney.”
So, here we are with an opportunity to get away, as a family, on vacation, just the four of us, our last one years ago; we just do it… we throw some things in a bag and head out the door.
Okay, it wasn’t ‘just’ a bag… It was more like a suit-case with wheels and one littlest pet shop back pack, a Barbie back-pack, a little princess purple container and some other container with a picture of Barbie that contained the valuables of little ones, the bathroom cabinet, a hanging bag, two-blankets, two snuggly stuffies, a pillow, my laptop case and my camera bag.
And, then out the door we went.
Just like that… we were on the road.
And life happens while traveling with little people and the man. Those people are the loves of my life and amusing, hard, difficult, Cuddly, Loving and fun. I dig hanging out with them. But, I will not lie being that ‘close’, ahem… one day, the Sailor says to me, “why don’t you spend the day doing something nice for yourself?” So, I did. It was fabulous. I’m getting ahead of myself.
So, we are in the car, driving along my kids showed great restraint they only asked 3.2 million times –are we there yet? And, instead of taking the estimated 7 hours; we made it there in a mere 10…  The Sailor held my hand and sang sweet tunes. And, we laughed a lot, except for the time the kids got whinny, I got aggravated, and he had a mantrum… ya know, man size version of the tantrum.
So, we stopped and ate ice-cream. ice-cream is an excellent diffuser.
Back on the road, And then it wasn’t long before we stopped the vehicle again because someone had to go to the bathroom…

But Mom I don't need to pee
Okay, so we had to stop many times.
With babes in tow, we pile into a tiny bathroom stall; I first wipe the toilet seat, then disinfect that madness, followed by wrapping toilet in toilet paper, and as I strategically and carefully lift kid from ground, placing her on the covered toilet seat while making demands of the other stand still and not touch anything.
I am all about picking my germ battles… I will hazmat suit up when going into a bathroom stall while traveling –I much prefer picking up germs from anywhere on the planet, as long as it isn’t inside a public restroom.
So, anyway, one kid finishes; I lift that kid from toilet ranting to the other “yes, you are going to try to go to the bathroom.”
“But Mom I don’t need to pee,” she said.
“Are you sure?”
“I’m sure,” she said.
“Are you sure you are sure?”
“I’m sure Mom,” she said.
“Okay. But.you.better.not.tell.me. Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah.”  Knowing I sound all Charlie Brown teacher Donovan like (You can hear it, right?! Wah, wah, wah, wah…).
Now it is my turn…
“You two kid’s, crunch up over in the corner and don’t touch anything.” I say for the umpteenth time as I un-button and begin the squat position… now is the time for the 20 questions from the little people to commence,
“Mom why is hair on your back butt?” she axed me.
Sigh. “I’ve told you it isn’t called a back butt –it is a vagina.”
“Well, it looks weird…”she said.
“Why does it look like that?” she asked.
“Lets have a question and answer session after I handle my business!” I say.
“Mom, how old do I have to be before I can stand and pee?” she asked.
“Listen, no one say another word until I pull my pants and buttoned ‘em up.”
“Mom, will I get hair on my back butt?” she inquired once more.
Sigh. Ah, finally pants buttoned, mini health and sex-ed class conducted (see I told you… ya can educate anywhere on the planet… even inside a tiny bathroom stall). the car fueled, and everyone safely loaded, and buckled; legs stretched and ready to hit the road.
just minutes down the road;  I’m thinking about how much I’m looking forward to visiting Florida, Usa, breaking the mundane of suburban life… Kicked back in the passenger seat jamming to 80’s music… I kid you not, this sweet little voice comes traveling from the back seat interrupting me getting my grove on,
“Mom, Dad, stop the car, I gotta go pee!”

Fun in the sun

So we finally reach our destination; a place resembling land of all things kid fun, and After three Room changes because the bathrooms were gross and I don’t do gross, so determined to find a room with a bath-room free from mold, bathrooms will be the demise of what little sanity I have left, we settle in for some kiddy fun in a room we could breathe comfortably because neither the sailor nor I wanted to tell the little ones that we weren’t going to stay in ‘kiddieville’. Bam!
We visited Sea-world. The oldest got sick, the Little one followed and then the Sailor. They had to see the doctor, and they ended up on antibiotics.
And then we drove over to the beach, and set up camp for a couple of days; it was terrific and full of sand… lots of sand –sand everywhere.
Have you ever noticed, No matter where you go, No matter what, Life Happens? So, run with it, right?!
Oh, I fell into heart with XM radio it was my first time having the privilege of being in an automobile equipped with such awesomeness. Who else has XM radio? I want it!

Good times…
"Mom, will you take one more picture of us, please?"

“Mom, will you take one more picture of us, please?”
said my kids not once.

Sea World

Late night walk on the beach treasure find...

Late night walk on the beach treasure find…
Yay me… my first conch!








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