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Mar 28

Hobby Lobby |Odd wo-man out…


I’m not an activist; I don’t look for controversy. I’m not a political person, but I’m a person with compassion. I care passionately about equal rights. I care about human rights.

Ellen DeGeneres


Yep. What she said…

What is up with Hobby Lobby? You may have heard about the Christian-closed-on-Sundays-family-owned crafts supply chain which is challenging the health-care mandate in the Supreme Court.

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Mar 13

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles… frozen bubbles

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles… frozen bubbles


“There is just no angry way to say bubbles…”


bubbles, photography, how to

Awhile back flipping through yahoo news I came across an article about this woman and her son who blew bubbles on a freezing day, and the pictures were super cool, so of course, I had to try.


All that you’ll need are bubble making supplies and a camera and freezing temperatures, oh and an early morning sunrise is helpful.

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Mar 8

It’s a wrap |February

It’s a wrap |February


Jail-house orange and blizzards and V.D. and forgetting my kid; it was a bat-shat crazy month.

It’s a wrap | February Confessions

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Feb 20

The Ugly… and a wretch like me

The Ugly… and a wretch like me
I swore it was over, and this time I meant it; this time was different because this time I had a job that I loved, I was proud of my performance, I wanted to succeed, I was good at it, as in really good; I was climbing my way up the corporate ladder.


Like so many times before, I tried making different with stuff, geographical fixes, oh, and people, so many people, I recycled people with little thought of their feelings, well-being because if selfish me could find that right person surely things would be different, better, but that didn’t work, so maybe a job was the answer; a job, yes, I just knew this time would be different.


Only this time was no different; circumstance different, yes, but no matter what I did or where I went there I was on familiar ground, in search of oblivion, with only one way to get there, and that’s through obliteration… many is never enough, and one is too many.


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Feb 6

Three Hundred and Thirteen

Three Hundred and Thirteen
Right now, right this minute, this day may seem like the best, or longest, or worst, or happiest, or sadist, whatever kind of day; the day happens fast.
the frequency in which I buy shoes and food and clothing for my quickly, ain’t gonna slow-growing kids, serves as a great reminder of how absolutely, truly, absurdly fast life happens.

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Jan 18

Daily Chill |Phone Prank

Daily Chill |Phone Prank, humor, prank, mommetime blog, blog

Are you a sports fan? Me, not so much, but I am a fan of pranks, and funny…





Have a listen:

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Jan 17

The (UN) Deserving…

So, the other day on  Yahoo shine I saw a picture of this dude wearing a kid in a baby wearing thingy while brushing another kid’s hair and thought, aw look Dad is handling business. It reminded me of the Sailor, the Sailor handles his Dad business



And then my Facebook timeline went boom; the picture was everywhere, and I thought, wow what neat moment captured. it is parenthood covered in cuteness, parenthood is hard, yet those everyday moments when captured serve as a good reminder that every day has it special, too.

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Jan 10

This Moment… when happy happens

This Moment… when happy happens
This Moment... when happy happens, mommetime blog, blog, life storiesIt was my third pregnancy, but I had yet to experience a full term, no complications, childbirth, and while this pregnancy was no less complicated I reached the safe point that I was so close to experiencing a full term, no complications child-birth my happy was bursting.


I spent countless hours that turned into days that turned into weeks flat on my back… seventeen total weeks on doctor ordered bed rest, getting shot up with progesterone, following every doctor order to a T. I read and researched. I waited. It was an intense experience; I have never been so still, living in the moment like that than at any other time in my life.

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Nov 30

Daily Chill |11/30/13

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Oct 23


October 23, 2001, I sat in the house that I once worked incredibly hard to have, curled up in my favorite well-worn comfy cozy chair that felt nice against my skin; I loved sitting, hiding from the world, in that chair, under my big soft blanket.
So, there I sat two days sober, still refusing to see the severity of my situation; I was too busy suffering with a violent set of shakes, cold to my core, sweating profusely… even under the care of a doctor my body had to detox hard.

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 If evolution really works, how come mothers

only have two hands? --Milton Berle



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